Design and Art as a means for change
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The Evolutionary Ultimatum

Concept & Development, Animation, Miniatures and set design, Illustration.
Valencia, 2012

The dilemma between "Homo consumus" and "Homo responsabilus" analysed by Professor Setemius in his programme: "Great Martian Documentaries". Don't be an Homo consumus! Evolve!
Working under the direction of Pablo Llorens (Goya awarded 1996 and 2005) as a miniatures and set designer. Developing the scenes from sketches to the final storyboard and the evolution of the different characters. Sourcing materials for the set build and assembling the different scenarios. Modelling characters and set details using different plasticine shaping techniques. Conceiving the range of possible character positions and arranging these on set .

Company: Potensplastianimation