Design and Art as a means for change
Regenerative agriculture poster.jpg

Regenerative Agriculture

Concept & Development, Corporate Design,Graphic design, Illustration
London, 2018

Support a fieldwork team from the School of System Change to turn their fieldwork research (analysis of a complex sustainability challenge) into a high quality and clearly usable output for their fieldwork host.

Method: Work closely with the team to select an appropriate format for the output (such as a systems map, user journey, infographic or storyboard), produce a draft and refine collaboratively with the team to reach a final output.

The School of System Change was initiated by Forum for the Future and we launched our first ‘seed’ course (Basecamp #1) in February 2017. We aim to grow a global community of system changers and now have three further Basecamp courses on the go. Each course contains a three week fieldwork project where students work in teams, placed in a range of organisations facing complex sustainability challenges, in this case, Regenerative Agriculture.